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The word audit is a scary one for businesses. Whether you are facing an audit by choice or by necessity, it is enough to strike fear into the most stalwart of owners and managers.  Although these audits may be viewed as a necessary evil, we truly believe that it should be both an enlightening and educational experience, no therapy required.  However, problems are often discovered in the middle of an audit process instead of being handled beforehand. This adds unnecessary cost, complexity, and frustration to an already difficult process.  

Our pre-audit assessment services work hand in hand with you to ensure that you have everything you need to meet regulatory and industry standards before the start of your audit.  We evaluate your entire security posture, using a multi-pronged approach to give you a realistic view of how effective your layers of protection work.  We help you to set up or correct system design and implementations for a wide variety of standards.  We also offer services for systems and policy documentation.   

Our services extend to continuous monitoring and improvement to help maintain compliance year round.  That includes in-audit support.  Let us streamline your audit process by preparing requested documents and proof.  Or if you’ve already had your audit, ask about our post-audit services and remediation plans.  

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