Cyber Security

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Security is more than just meeting compliance or regulatory standards.  It encompasses all of the steps that you take to ensure business continuity and protection of proprietary information, sensitive data, and operations.  The best security postures create meaningful layers of protection around sensitive and private information.  Successful threat defense requires compounding industry standards and best practices with innovative thinking, foresight, and flawless execution.  Our enterprise level cyber security delivers comprehensive assistance for threat prevention, threat detection, risk assessment, and response.  Our focus is on ensuring that you are protected for the next threat, and not just the current one.  Find out how we can help you make securing your technology stack about foresight, instead of regrets in hindsight

Proven Technology Safeguards

Risk Assessment

Our comprehensive 12 step assessment identifies risks and vulnerabilities to your company in four major sectors: systems, people, third parties, and environmental. Our detailed reports will help you identify, understand and correct the potential weaknesses in your security profile.

Vulnerability Testing

Our expert vulnerability tests are administered by veteran experts in cyber security. Our detailed tests include a multi-pronged approach includes proven methodologies. Every engagement includes targeted manual testing and professional analysis by a certified penetration expert.

Threat Detection

Our threat detection services include customized continuous monitoring solutions to provide real time knowledge and analysis. We install, maintain, and respond to incoming threats using advanced detection systems and comprehensive Systems Information and Event Management (SIEM).

Endpoint Security

Every laptop, desktop, mobile, or other network enabled device that touch your systems is a potential point of entry to your secured data. Secure endpoint devices at the source and through secured connections, firm access controls, and continuous monitoring. From policy to practice, we help you establish a firm security perimeter around your enterprise network.

Network Security

Ensure the integrity of your network with layers of technological safeguards against misuse, unauthorized access, and malfunctions. We develop and implement customized security plans that span your entire technology stack. We utilize a multi-pronged approach to limit risks including Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

Data Security

All cyber security practices and goals ultimately center around one thing: data. Controlling the flow of information is the most critical part of any security plan. Focused data security is different because it is the final frontier of protection. We implement flexible solutions that allow you to operate with added resiliency and limited impact to persistent threats.

Breach Detection

We use real time monitoring solutions to analyze web traffic and network access to ensure that no breach goes undetected. Our monitoring solutions all include expert analysis by our experienced security analysts. Our continuous threat monitoring meets all compliance standards for threat detection. Suspect a breach? We also offer single instance investigations to ensure your network has not been compromised.

Breach Response

Following a security incident, there are four critical process that must occur: elimination of the threat, determination of the extent of the loss, diagnoses of the the exploited path of entry, and remediation of the security weakness. We assist you from the point of breach closure through the forensics investigation and remediation to re-establish a firm security perimeter around your network.

Security Architecture

Your security posture is the most important element of your technology infrastructure.  Building a secure platform requires a security first approach that places the need to protect proprietary systems and private data alongside operational needs.  We believe that building a secure foundation and adding in the best cyber security practices for every layer in your enterprise network makes the best functioning and most secure platforms around.  Contact us to find out more about we consider all your business needs and incorporate them from the ground up to the most efficient and protected systems possible.

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